“We are an Ecumenical Catholic Faith 'Famiy!”

We are a Catholic Christian community that is committed to the person of Jesus Christ and to His teaching. We accept and believe the testimony of His apostles who were His first disciples and eyewitnesses of His life, death, and resurrection from the dead. It was these same disciples who passed on to the church their own testimony about the person of Jesus and the events of His life. Embodied in their testimony are the very teachings of Jesus Himself.


Office of the Nuncio of the USA

St. Anthony Cathedral Abbey

5247 Sheridan Street

Detroit, MI 48213-2868


Office: 313-673-5318

Email:   nuncio-usa@usa-eccc.com



++M. J. Kimo Keawe. S.T.M., M.Th., CIOM

Nuncio of the USA & Apostolic Administrator for Colorado, Hawai`i, Ohio, Pennsylvania & the South Pacific Rim


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